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Everyday People Ministries

Everyday People Ministries

917 E. Dublin Granville Road



Living God’s
Love Together

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study 7:30pm

Fellowship Church Columbus, OH

Non-Denominational Church Columbus, OH


Come join the journey with us as we study The Story,
the Bible in easy- to-understand story format with an “Everyday People” twist.


At Everyday People Ministries, we learn how we can work together on the process of life, through having a spiritual relationship with first God and then each other. If you have never found the right place to worship because everywhere else you've tried just doesn't seem to fit, we invite you to join us at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings, when Everyday People Ministries begins the week worshipping together. We are a multi-ethnic and multi-racial church meeting in the Salem neighborhood of the Northland area, near Devonshire, Worthington, and Westerville, at the corner of Busch Boulevard and Route 161, behind the Tim Horton’s.

Our group does not care about your background; we care about you just the way you are. So, please come JUST AS YOU ARE.

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